In-Home Warranty Details

All in-home warranty claims must be made through the retailer who supplied the product. Proof of purchase will be required, and installation by a licenced electrician is a condition of warranty.

Our Service Department must be contacted and approve any warranty work prior to any such work being carried out.

Urban Ceiling Fans/Four Winds Fans offer an In-Home Warranty for fans installed within the coverage of our network of service agents, in cases where the product fails due to manufacturing fault or defective materials. This warranty does not cover installation faults, house wiring faults, wear and tear, loose blades, or fittings, accidental damage to the fan or surrounds of any kind. Limitations apply to corrosion.

In-Home Warranty will only cover access to fans suspended from ordinary ceilings with ceiling heights less than 3m or where a service person does not require a ladder greater than 1.8m to attend.

When products are installed in a location requiring special access equipment (such as scaffolding or scissor lifts, etc) the cost of providing, installing, and operating special equipment must be borne by the site owner. The need for or use of such equipment must be stated when logging a warranty claim.

Our Service Agents reserve the right to refuse service to products which they deem unsafe to access or where it is not practical for them to do so. In these circumstances the product is still covered by warranty against defects, but it will have to be removed and reinstalled at the owner or occupiers’ expense by persons trained and equipped to deal with the access requirements and who holds the relevant electrical licence.

When a product is installed outside major metropolitan areas, we will reimburse the owner for using their own electrician by direct deposit, the average cost of a nationally charged service fee. This standard fee is based on a nationally charged average for performing this type of work and includes a travelling allowance of up to 25kms.

Travelling costs incurred by our Service Agent beyond 25kms from major metropolitan areas will not be covered under warranty. This cost must be covered by the customer.

Conditions apply, and any routine/ warranty service must be authorised with our Warranty Department before calling your own electrician – we will not reimburse costs incurred without prior written agreement.

When installed as per the installation instructions, (using a double pole isolation switch) a fan or remote control can be switched off at the wall switch in case of a fault. If the product cannot be turned off or reprogrammed because an isolation switch is not fitted costs involved in disconnecting the product while awaiting warranty service, or the cost to reprogram the remote are borne solely by the customer.


In some circumstances, generally outside normal in-home warranty periods or conditions, we will supply parts only, shipped to the customer or the customers nominated electrician. Conditions apply, please note labour associated with the installation of these parts or associated electrical costs of removing and reinstalling the product to repair is borne by the customer.

This additional warranty offer excludes cosmetic issues which are not covered under warranty unless readily apparent when the fan is unpacked or first installed, and Urban/Fourwinds is notified within 14 business days from date of purchase. Cosmetic issues are not covered under an in-home warranty.


Fans and fixed wiring products must only be installed by persons who are appropriately licensed by the applicable state regulatory body. Therefore, to protect our repair personnel, In-Home Warranty will not be provided if the products have been installed by unlicensed persons.

Product, installing electrician details and proof of purchase must be presented to claim In-Home Warranty. Service call charges may occur for incorrect information provided.

Different periods and warranty conditions apply to discontinued user serviceable products. Please confirm with the retailer.

Damage or wear caused to the fan (or other items) due to installation in locations that do not have protection from wind or other elements is not covered under warranty.
Rust or corrosion must be reported within 3 months of installation to be covered under warranty.

Damage caused by incorrect installation, force majeure, electrical surges, lightning, power grid fluctuations, water or by connection to alternative power supply sources (such as solar inverters etc) are not eligible for warranty repair.


Ripple Signals sent through the power grid by the electrical supplier for the control of off-peak hot water, streetlights, and other devices may cause an intermittent humming noise or flickering of lights in your electrical appliances such as your ceiling fan. Ripple Filters are available in Australia at the customers expense. These noises do not occur as a result of a faulty fan and Ripple Signal is not covered under warranty. More information on Ripple Signals.