Screws, bolts and fixings

At installation, and at regular intervals of not more than 12 months, all screws, bolts and fixings associated with your ceiling fan should be checked. Loose fixings are a significant contributor to fan noise and wobble, and when left unchecked can result in a safety hazzard.

Loose screws, bolts or fixings are not covered under any guarantee or warranty. They form part of the installation which must be done by a qualified electrical contractor.

Appropriate fixing of the fan to the ceiling is required at installation, and is the responsibility of the installing electrician. From a maintenance perspective, excessive wobble may result from poor fixing, or loosening of the fixing screws.

Typical ceiling fixing methods for ceiling fans.

Typical areas to check

Regular maintenance of these screws & fixings will ensure longer life and reduce potential fan wobble & noise.

Hanger bracket fixings
Ball joint screws / pins / bolts
Ceiling canopy screws
Downrod screws / pins / bolts

The most common place where screws or bolts are not done up tightly or loosen over time is the fan blade fixing screws. These should be checked regularly.

NOTE: All ceiling fans must be installed by a licensed electrician, in accordance with the wiring rules and installation instructions.