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Why Pick Urban Ceiling Fans?

For all of your fan needs, Urban Fans is the one name you need in efficient air movement solutions. Keeping Australian’s cool throughout the hot, sticky Summers, and circulating warm, heated air throughout winter, Urban Fans cover it all. 

Urban Fans are made from quality materials and are optimized to minimize expenses while maximizing total output. Our range of AC fans use around as much energy as a regular 60 watt light globe, and our DC fans even less, only a fraction of the cost of air conditioning. In use with air conditioning, the right fan can cut your overall running cost considerably.

If you’re looking for inexpensive remote ready fans with or without lights, wall controls, summer/winter reverse switch, and a choice of extension down rods, Urban Fans have got you covered.

Ceiling fans are energy-efficient and cost-effective. To get the most out of your fan, you need to consider the space. The size of the space is important, along with the fan’s material, blade pitch, and size. For any support or further queries refer to our support page.

Urban Fans operate out of Queensland and are the go-to quality fan supplier in the South-east. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent product.

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